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When you move to a new post, the neighborhood you choose for your family is as important as the home itself. It's natural to start wondering which neighborhoods are affordable safe, friendly, and have good schools.  Yet no matter how much information you find on any Website, it can never take the place of the experience and inside knowledge of someone who actually lives and works in the area.  That's why part of our job is sharing our Fort Hood neighborhood expertise with you in a way that saves you time and gives you peace of mind —before and after you make your move.

How to Get Started Discovering Neighborhoods Surrounding Fort Hood (DIY)

First, select the area around Fort Hood you want to explore.  Once selected you will then see the neighborhoods that are included in that area.  Then you can drill down to a particular neighborhood to discover what makes it unique, the local schools that serve it and the price range of homes available there.  You will even see a Google map that empowers you to look for schools, places of worship, parks, shopping etc. in and around the neighborhood you are exploring.

Or, You Can Explore Fort Hood Neighborhoods the Quick & Easy Way...

There are at least [#neighborhoods] that serve as a bedroom community for Fort Hood, [basestate].  That's a lot of research!  However to really dig deep and gain confidence of the areas and various neighborhoods, we suggest taking advantage of our free Relocation Coach™ service (see box on the right side of this page).  Whether you are 12 months or 10 days from having to make your move this is the quickest, easiest and most sure way to help you pick the Fort Hood neighborhood that best fits your needs and wants before you start searching for your home.  Just CLICK HERE to get started.

Please remember that we are proud to serve you, even months before you plan to move.

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