Helping Army Families Move To Fort Hood One Home at a Time...

Moving often is a fact of military life, yet it doesn't have to be something you dread.  On the contrary, the families below are just some of the ones we've helped relocate to Fort Hood who say it was a very positive experience!

Safe, Affordable Home Found Fast For 6 + 2

When in the military and it comes time to PCS (permanent change of station), there are so many uncertainties that a family may have to endure.    For many just the traveling from one post to another can be costly and chaotic enough that having to hunt for a home immediately can be overwhelming.

In our situation we arrived to Fort Sill along with many other families and soldiers to find out that there was a minimum 3-4 month wait for on-post housing.  Being a family of six and having school aged children and 1 very much on her way, we did not have the time or money to remain in lodging to await an opening. So the next option was to begin looking for off-post housing. For us our immediate thought was to start looking for rentals because we didn’t think that buying was much of an option for us. We didn’t have the best of credit but more importantly we didn’t have enough established credit and didn’t think it a possibility for ourselves. After searching for an affordable rental that was big enough to accommodate the needs of our larger family and allow our 2 dogs, we found that there were none!  The houses that could fit us were too costly and most didn’t allow pets, and the ones we could afford weren’t big enough and still didn’t allow pets!

We decided we would try our luck at purchasing a home and meet with a realtor! I had it in my head that this would be something like car shopping … you can’t just settle for the first salesman at the first dealership, you really have to shop around.  Fortunately for us that wasn’t the case.

We placed our trust in Brandy Asher that she would help find us a home that was safe and affordable for our family and after just a short search we found a home that we were intrigued enough with that we immediately placed a bid. The process of buying a home has been quite an enjoyable learning experience for us which is more than I can say for most!

We were truly blessed to have found a realtor that was as kind and considerate as she was intelligent and experienced in her work. I am also proud to say that in finding our realtor, Brandy Asher, we have found a friend as well!

- Chris and Ashley Shanklin

Meeting Sellers' Needs While Fulfilling Buyers' Dreams

As a home builder, I rely heavily on my realtor to effectively market my homes as well as finding desirable locations for purchase to build and remodel.  Brandy Asher is by far the best realtor I have worked with.  She has a unique ability of meeting a sellers needs and fulfilling a buyers dreams.

Mrs. Asher will negotiate between buyer and seller to maintain the net profit a seller needs along with helping a buyer purchase their dream home at the best possible price.  Mrs. Asher will be there for her customers from concept to completion.  From the first meeting, she will begin to understand your needs and priorities, and be there for you through closing and beyond.

- Garrod Marshall - Rustic Works Construction L.L.C.

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